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Digital Dentures

Digitally scanned and designed by Michael Thomas

We offer digitally scanned and designed partial dentures that are milled with a titanium base!

Titanium is a friendly material that acts somewhat like gold when used in the mouth; however, it’s incredibly strong and lightweight! Complete denture design and fabrication can also be done digitally. Michael was one of the first people in Alberta to use a digital denture system to scan impressions and mill denture base material, creating a smile that is more comfortable and improves appearance!

Both scanning practices and materials have advanced when it comes to digital dentures over the years. Michael deliberately waited for advancements in accuracy with equipment and practical materials before offering digital denture options to clients  we are now confident that scanning technology and new carbon based milling material can offer some of the best quality dentures to our clients! The teeth we use are the highest grade, providing durability and optimum aesthetics, and carbon-based material is repairable and relineable by any denture clinic or dental lab around the world! Don’t worry if you think digital dentures aren’t the right fit for you, though, conventional materials will still be around for at least the next decade at least.

Michael and the Stony Plain Denture team are incredibly excited about the innovations happening in the Digital Denture market, and we’ll continue to advance in this area and offer you the best quality product available. Through a comprehensive consultation, we can offer you the best solutions for your dental needs!

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