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Denture Appliances

Mouth guards

In the late 80’s while playing for Senior A hockey, Michael suffered a tooth fracture during a hockey practice thanks to not wearing a mouth guard. This resulted in the next 25 years of crowns being replaced and then ultimately a root fracture. The end result was extraction and implant placement with a cemented crown. Could an inexpensive mouth guard have prevented years of tooth compromise and then failure? The answer is a most definite YES!

Through Michael’s many years coaching all levels of hockey and even watching his sons playing baseball, he has seen many instances where a mouth guard could have made a difference.

Please don’t be “Spittin’ Chiclets”. Mouth guards are an easy and effective method of protecting your smile during sports and other activities.

Give us a call for a consultation to talk about your tooth-protection needs!

Anti Snoring Devices

Who’s keeping you awake? If you’re keeping a loved one awake, or even yourself, an anti snoring device is a fantastic option for you. These devices can have a huge impact on your quality of sleep, as well as keep you from getting elbowed awake as often!

Consult a doctor to have a sleep test performed to determine if you suffer from sleep apnea  a condition which causes you to stop breathing numerous times while sleeping, as well as excessive snoring during this time. There are significant long- term health issues associated with sleep apnea, so be sure to speak with your physician if you’re experiencing these negative symptoms!

Our anti snoring device can provide some relief by opening your airway and repositioning your lower mandible forward.

Give us a call to make an appointment so we can help steer you in the right direction. We’ll have you sleeping soundly in no time!

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