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Denture Solutions

Complete Dentures

Dentures Made by Michael Thomas

When you get a complete denture set at Stony Plain Denture, you can count on getting the highest quality product with the best quality service! Complete dentures replace a full arch of natural dentition. This can begin with an immediate denture, conventional denture after healing, or simply replacing an existing denture.

Michael has 34 years of experience and has provided patients with many types of full denture techniques and material used to make them. He takes pride in keeping current with any innovations in full denture fitting and fabrication and using the highest quality of materials for long term durability and aesthetics. 

Contact us for a consultation! We’ll guide you through every option to suit your current complete denture needs

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures replace some but not all of your natural dentition. They are removable and not cemented unlike a fixed dental bridge, which replaces only some missing teeth.

There are several options when it comes to partial dentures. Book a consultation with us to determine the best choice for your denture needs!

They are:

1. Cast or milled framework material with denture composite teeth fixed to the base. Different types of metals can be used to provide a stable base while minimizing bulk of material and adjustable retention. 

2. All acrylic base with bonded composite denture teeth. Softer metal clasps can be added for retention, this type of partial is sometimes used for transitioning or when remaining teeth are compromised. They can be added to and adjusted if you experience further tooth loss.

3. Flexible base material. This kind of denture is becoming more popular. These are metal-free and can engage undercut areas that will enhance fit. The downside to flexible materials is that retention can not be increased by adjustment, and if teeth need to be added or a fracture occurs, the dentures usually need to be replaced. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Improved oral health, ability to eat, appearance, and self-esteem.
  • Increased denture comfort.
  • Denture stability is increased.
  • Helps prevent bone loss.
  • Resorption of tissue is reduced.
  • Enhances the beauty of your natural smile and quality of life.

Screw Retained Bar with Locators

A screw retained bar provides more even distribution of load over several implants which can really improve comfort levels. The locator attachments add the retentive component for a denture to fasten to where the dentures have nylon caps inside of the base that snap into the locators. The nylon pieces need to be replaced every 6-12 months.

Ensure you maintain regular dental checkups and proper hygiene practices! These are necessary to maintain the integrity of the bone supporting the implants and surrounding tissue. Contact us if you have any questions.

AvaDent Denture Solutions

Avadent’s breakthrough, digital, CAD/CAM technology lets us create your youthful smile with the natural look and feel that will have you smiling in just two appointments.

Implant Retained Dentures

What can a Denturist Provide?

Michael has been providing implant retained dental prosthetics for 25 years. He works with Dental Surgeons to provide dental implants. We offer fixed and removable dental prosthetic options that will change your quality of life for the better! Implant retention will improve your chewing ability and self-confidence. You’ll also find more stabilized bone levels once the implants are placed and prosthetic devices attached.

Michael can help you make the best choice for your current and future needs!  With his experience and expertise, you’re in great hands.

Contact us to book comprehensive consultation to discuss various options, we’d love to help you with your denture journey!


We offer same-day repairs on all denture types. We understand the importance of returning your repaired denture as quick as possible! Michael will take the time to explain why your denture has fractured if it was not a result of an unfortunate accident. Even the highest quality materials can fracture when it comes to dentures, and we’re here to help!


The way your dentures fit can change over the years as a result of changes to the tissue and underlying bone. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new denture, as, for many cases, a resurfacing (reline) of the existing denture base may be all you need to provide a better fit!

When it comes to reliners, we seek to deliver a long-term stable material through a heat injection process. We start by using an impression material to capture the current shape of your tissue and bone, we then make a mould from your denture and impression material. Once that’s done, we separate the mould with the denture and impression material in one half and the new cast of the mouth in the other. The halves are clamped together and new acrylic material injected into the mould which forms around the cast and bonds to the existing base material. And there you have it, your dentures have been resurfaced to fit much more comfortably!

Why all this you ask? Heat cured, injected material assures that there is minimal free liquid being absorbed through the tissue. The material is denser, making it more stable and also easier to clean. 

We offer the highest quality materials with the highest accuracy product, because we know how important a comfortable fit is! Give us a call for a consultation, we’d love to spend some time with you and explain your denture relines options.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are inserted immediately after the removal of your remaining teeth. The Denturist will take measurements and makes the models of the your jaw during your first visit, and at that visit we’ll help you determine the appearance of your new dentures, such as size, shape, and shade of tooth. Here at Stony Plain Denture Clinic, we’ll also provide you with an opportunity to view the wax set up of the teeth prior to the finishing process to make sure that no changes to the set up need to be made.  

The Denturist will provide you or your dentist the set of dentures and a surgical template prior to the extraction appointment. A surgical template is a clear piece of plastic fabricated from the contoured model of your gums.  If required, the template will assist the dental surgeon in modifying the ridges to the desired shape.

Once the dentures are placed, you’ll need return to the Denturist office to verify the bite of your new dentures. After 24 hours, you can try removing your dentures for the first time; you can do so yourself or the Denturist can help you to remove the them.  After that, you’ll need to remove your dentures at night from that point on.  We recommend you rinse with a salt water solution several times a day for 1-2 weeks. For the first month, you’ll need to have weekly appointment to adjust your dentures where a temporary lining material may be added to the inside of the dentures to enhance the fit as your mouth changes. As healing takes place, usually changes in the mouth settle enough so that you’ll only require 1-2 visits a month for the first 6 months.

The gums can change roughly 20%-30% in that 6 month period. Following this, your dentures may require relining, rebasing, or a conventional denture may be made.

The advantage of having immediate dentures is that you don’t need to go without teeth while you heal.

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